My comfort zone…

is the trickiest place I’ve ever been. It’s so comforting I begin to lose my mind when I go there. I forget about all the wonders of the World, and how much fun it is to seek answ20141009_101655ers to questions of science and philosophy. It is in my comfort zone where I constantly debate and try to convince myself it’s best to commit to familiarity, even
though truth be told, and let it ring!… I don’t want familiar places and faces till I die.

I want all the moments of awkwardness that come with growth and meeting strangers. I don’t mind that everything I own could fit in a mid-sized walk in closet. I’m working on shrinking it all down to a large suitcase, and honestly I wouldn’t mind living in airports.  I’d trade the feeling of belonging to a town for an adventure to a new view every morning without a second thought if I could. My comfort zone has always been very nice to me, tricky, yet welcoming, but regardless of it all, I want to be no where near, no matter the cost of time and energy.


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