Fire To All Strip Clubs

The other day I sent out a tweet that stated I wanted to set every strip club on fire… I still do. In fact, I think I want to today more than ever…
But before I jump to such an extreme statement I should probably explain myself. 
I realize this is America, home of the proud and the free; a place where people have the right to buy tons of plastic junk from late night info commercials, make money off of selling porn that’s worth being criminalized over, eat whatever they want, and make a livable wage off of dancing seductively with little to no clothes on; we’re allowed to do what we want…
Perhaps I’m painting the wrong picture here. I do not want to overlook the good ethical (actual business) capitalism of America, the beauty of it’s cities full of peaceful residents, and the true essence of opportunities that lingers here, in the air. Every place has it’s ups and downs, and there are so many freedoms to respect.
There are true dangers that result due to suppression, and when dictators control people’s lives. I don’t want to take away anyone’s freedom. However, strip clubs are simply an American public health issue here in America. They aren’t helping anyone. ANYONE. 
They bring everyone that attends down to a human level; to humanness, and they are even powerful enough to influence, and negatively effect the people that never step foot in them.
When you do things you do only ever because humans ‘do it’, you choose conformity over wings. You don’t want to fly, you’d rather be grounded, and talk about the best new thing on Earth; note not of Earth.
When you choose looking at lust over feeling love,
dizzy nights confused alone over hours of productive study group sessions,
creating jealously over cultivating a skill,
cheap sex over music or art lessons with a friend,
attending bacteria filled whorehouses over volunteering in your neighborhood hospital,
Do you get it?
Now expand your mind; think community level, state level, and then national. Now think globally, and then think locally again. Do you see the PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE? Do you get it? Do you see the problem? Do you see that the source of the problem is right in front of our faces!? But not only that… do you see that it’s behind our backs, around our entire bodies, and only because we choose it!?
We are greater than humanness; note it’s ALL bad humanness with these clubs, and yet we choose it still over a lifestyle of acts that are much greater than we are. We do it often and usually unconsciously. We without even thinking reject living in line with the stars, the chemistry and physics of the universe, of peace, and the organic engineering of creation, the natural flow that doesn’t know temptation, the rest of the world that isn’t humanness in any way at all. We resort to do what all the others are doing, rather than getting to know non-humanness. It’s happening now, I’m doing it too.

I need to realize fire is not going to solve my problems…



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