stream of consciousness



why do i even care what time it is? if i was suppose to be anywhere important i would be there. why do we capitalize letters when we use punctuation? why do we capitalize the letter i? why does the word letter not spelt like leter. why do we put quotations around words we are explaining? why do I feel like I have to defend my lack of grammatically correct punctuation and english correctness?

i’m listening to a very intense song (A Swan Song (for Nina) by Clint Mansell). It’s dark and beautiful and heavy and light at the same time like life. 
we all share that same feeling of goosebumps with another being throughout of lives. good or bad, we all get those shivers and tears that really help our life slide into a paradigm shift. an acute moment when we don’t resist change in our life, we merely flow with the winds and often unconsciously feel no pressure to hold back any tears, because we are no longer sad! awe at last! here we have arrived at a place where we can stand or sit or lye just simply be and feel peace. but only few actual live this. only the few that are lucky enough to be born on calm grounds on top of calm waters, on top of calm lava. do you know how lucky you are to be on such ground made of such calm frequencies? the few and the privileged, poor and rich, young and old, all gathered into one… these are the those that must help the others. 


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