Ignorance is Bliss

Temptation flows like the juice of ripe peaches,

You’ll see, when you get the chance to gaze upon the tree of knowledge

Looking up, I realize it towers me like a skyscraper,

Robins and calapitters nestling into their homes

The air, tasting sweet, as if the molecules of humidity and immorality can’t resist mixing with the evaporated seeping juices of the fruits and sweet wickedness,

And it all matches perfectly with the alluring smell of a goddess’s strawberry bubble-bath

Even touching the bark feels sinful

Wrongdoing tastes the way pillows of clouds feel…until the first bite is taken

Satan thrives here in the Garden of Eden,

He doesn’t Thrive here, he’s condemned here, just like you…

Bear skin once feeling only natural, now feels raunchy,

Lawlessness seems legit and repentance is now mandatory

Sin is forever in your heart, now found deep within your soul, and all because you wanted more perception. The government is making clones of every single person in the world,

And the immoral women of libido have vanished

We’re as content as blood sucking mosquitoes

Flying from indulgence to indulgence, overdosing every night on smuttiness

And now here we are, possessed dolls, roaming the earth, wasting our days attacking and criticizing everyone’s move

Dio ti ama mia cara bella bella e lo faccio anche; (God loves you my pretty pretty darling and I do too)

The serpent will always be stirring up some trickery,

So don’t fall for the magic

Remember… Ignorance is Bliss

By: Abra O’Leary


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