!Patent Madness!

It’s hard to say why exactly it’s taking so long for everyone to ‘go solar’ or switch to an electric car, but there is no doubt about it, patents are a big player. Businesses that fear competition and greedy individuals don’t want the world to know wireless electricity and global wifi are scrawny goals compared to what’s really possible when you open source all inventions.

We obviously cannot trust the Supreme Court or Congress to make any progress quickly on this matter even though it is literally holding humanity back, but we THE PEOPLE can remove all the jargon from bills that protect patents. Rather than trying to control patent trolls or create federal courts and third party systems that justify who gets to patent what and when, we should overnight pass a bill that abolishes patents; in turn ending the ban of innovation!

From drills in geothermal power plants to microchips in computers, patents are controlling every aspect of human ingenuity. From seeds that grow food to pharmaceuticals, copyrights are the life source of starvation and epidemics. The idea of abolishing patents is becoming ever more popular. This has been mentioned by Elon Musk, for example, CEO of TESLA motors and SpaceX when he wrote on his blog, “Technology leadership is not defined by patents, which history has repeatedly shown to be small protection indeed against a determined competitor, but rather by the ability of a company to attract and motivate the world’s most talented engineers.”Jacque Fresco futurist, inventor and creator of The Venus Project has stated, “Creativity is taking known elements and putting them together in different ways.” Ideas, unlike property, cannot be picked up, removed, stolen and then owned by only one person at a time. Patents are invalid. No one can ever really own any idea, or claim ownership over any future technology.

Society will never be able to truly calculate how many people have been discouraged or run bankrupt due to patents, but we can end the games of registered trademarks! When we do, we will finally allow humans to give back to society, which has handed down it’s ethics, mathematics, language, etc. to all of us. When we stop this scheme that stifles new invention, we can begin to free the victims of patents and allow their funds to be recirculated into improving the public’s health.


Organic Farming vs. Conventional

There is a difference between organic and conventional food. It is important that you know the difference, but more importantly, please seek to understand the difference and explain it to others. Even if the labels are all lies, and totally mislabeled, the underlying vocabulary and how the policies are based on certain words in context, makes agricultural language extremely important to understand and study.

Conventional farming is what many said would save the world! It would end world hunger and give everyone good honest work. Time has proven that false…

Organic faming is what we were given, what was provided and what has provided for as long as humans have known up to recently. The newest generation, the one that was introduced to chemically based cereals and microwave dinners from day one in the hospital is… different…

Conventional is not organic. DNA does not lie.


Catch Wisdom If You Can


It is impressive to self teach one’s self anything! But there is something also mighty impressive with being able to be around others while absorbing their knowledge, catching wisdom when it’s passed on, and being able to apply what you’ve learned through experience to the natural evolution of yourself.
You are largely responsible for the amount of information you learn, for the number of places you visit, and also for the discussions you do not partake in or facilitate. Find pride in the work you do… because in the bigger picture of things you are your work, you are the conversations you’ve created, you are the books you’ve read, the tricks you can do, and you are no doubt a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely and beware. Look out for wisdom, but remember to remain optimistically skeptical.
And when in doubt… skateboard.

My comfort zone…

is the trickiest place I’ve ever been. It’s so comforting I begin to lose my mind when I go there. I forget about all the wonders of the World, and how much fun it is to seek answ20141009_101655ers to questions of science and philosophy. It is in my comfort zone where I constantly debate and try to convince myself it’s best to commit to familiarity, even
though truth be told, and let it ring!… I don’t want familiar places and faces till I die.

I want all the moments of awkwardness that come with growth and meeting strangers. I don’t mind that everything I own could fit in a mid-sized walk in closet. I’m working on shrinking it all down to a large suitcase, and honestly I wouldn’t mind living in airports.  I’d trade the feeling of belonging to a town for an adventure to a new view every morning without a second thought if I could. My comfort zone has always been very nice to me, tricky, yet welcoming, but regardless of it all, I want to be no where near, no matter the cost of time and energy.

consciousness of stream…

Sixteen days left until the beginning of the rest of my life. Everyday seems to be nothing but mini countdowns; each one leading to the next big exciting event in my life. But I don’t want to live countdown to countdown anymore. I want to really live. I want to start and I want No end until the end stops my heart and sends me six feet under ground.
But truth be told, I’d rather be turned into dust, and sprinkled in random beautiful places around the Earth. I hope it doesn’t matter where my body goes, but it’s nice to pretend I have power over myself long after I’ve lost all power over myself.

No one knows the real us, because we’re too busy trying to forget yesterday, and too busy preparing for what we will be like tomorrow.
We’re nothing without our pasts, so why are we so ashamed of ours acts?
I’d like to get to know you, but I need to get to know me first…


stream of consciousness



why do i even care what time it is? if i was suppose to be anywhere important i would be there. why do we capitalize letters when we use punctuation? why do we capitalize the letter i? why does the word letter not spelt like leter. why do we put quotations around words we are explaining? why do I feel like I have to defend my lack of grammatically correct punctuation and english correctness?

i’m listening to a very intense song (A Swan Song (for Nina) by Clint Mansell). It’s dark and beautiful and heavy and light at the same time like life. 
we all share that same feeling of goosebumps with another being throughout of lives. good or bad, we all get those shivers and tears that really help our life slide into a paradigm shift. an acute moment when we don’t resist change in our life, we merely flow with the winds and often unconsciously feel no pressure to hold back any tears, because we are no longer sad! awe at last! here we have arrived at a place where we can stand or sit or lye just simply be and feel peace. but only few actual live this. only the few that are lucky enough to be born on calm grounds on top of calm waters, on top of calm lava. do you know how lucky you are to be on such ground made of such calm frequencies? the few and the privileged, poor and rich, young and old, all gathered into one… these are the those that must help the others. 

Ignorance is Bliss

Temptation flows like the juice of ripe peaches,

You’ll see, when you get the chance to gaze upon the tree of knowledge

Looking up, I realize it towers me like a skyscraper,

Robins and calapitters nestling into their homes

The air, tasting sweet, as if the molecules of humidity and immorality can’t resist mixing with the evaporated seeping juices of the fruits and sweet wickedness,

And it all matches perfectly with the alluring smell of a goddess’s strawberry bubble-bath

Even touching the bark feels sinful

Wrongdoing tastes the way pillows of clouds feel…until the first bite is taken

Satan thrives here in the Garden of Eden,

He doesn’t Thrive here, he’s condemned here, just like you…

Bear skin once feeling only natural, now feels raunchy,

Lawlessness seems legit and repentance is now mandatory

Sin is forever in your heart, now found deep within your soul, and all because you wanted more perception. The government is making clones of every single person in the world,

And the immoral women of libido have vanished

We’re as content as blood sucking mosquitoes

Flying from indulgence to indulgence, overdosing every night on smuttiness

And now here we are, possessed dolls, roaming the earth, wasting our days attacking and criticizing everyone’s move

Dio ti ama mia cara bella bella e lo faccio anche; (God loves you my pretty pretty darling and I do too)

The serpent will always be stirring up some trickery,

So don’t fall for the magic

Remember… Ignorance is Bliss

By: Abra O’Leary