!Patent Madness!

It’s hard to say why exactly it’s taking so long for everyone to ‘go solar’ or switch to an electric car, but there is no doubt about it, patents are a big player. Businesses that fear competition and greedy individuals don’t want the world to know wireless electricity and global wifi are scrawny goals compared […]

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Lust Is Gross

Lust is gross. The desire for human flesh that has nothing to do with love is ruining our lives. Nothing is truly social anymore, just awkward conversations with simple talk, lots of beating around the bush and truly esp of sexually thoughts. CONTROL YOURSELF. GET OVER LUST FOR GOOD by becoming the change you want […]

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Organic Farming vs. Conventional

There is a difference between organic and conventional food. It is important that you know the difference, but more importantly, please seek to understand the difference and explain it to others. Even if the labels are all lies, and totally mislabeled, the underlying vocabulary and how the policies are based on certain words in context, […]

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Catch Wisdom If You Can

It is impressive to self teach one’s self anything! But there is something also mighty impressive with being able to be around others while absorbing their knowledge, catching wisdom when it’s passed on, and being able to apply what you’ve learned through experience to the natural evolution of yourself. You are largely responsible for the […]

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My comfort zone…

is the trickiest place I’ve ever been. It’s so comforting I begin to lose my mind when I go there. I forget about all the wonders of the World, and how much fun it is to seek answers to questions of science and philosophy. It is in my comfort zone where I constantly debate and […]

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Fire To All Strip Clubs

The other day I sent out a tweet that stated I wanted to set every strip club on fire… I still do. In fact, I think I want to today more than ever… But before I jump to such an extreme statement I should probably explain myself. 
I realize this is America, home of the […]

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consciousness of stream…

Sixteen days left until the beginning of the rest of my life. Everyday seems to be nothing but mini countdowns; each one leading to the next big exciting event in my life. But I don’t want to live countdown to countdown anymore. I want to really live. I want to start and I want No […]

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